goodbye 2016.

Scared yet optimistic is how I started 2016. I didn't really know what to expect from this year, but like 2015, and previous new years I wanted to be optimistic. So, like everybody else I gave myself 5 or more new year resolutions that i wanted to accomplish, yet only managed to complete one of the five goals. Disappointing yes, but nothing to cry over.   

In 2016 I...
I got into my dream university. This journey partially was something I'd never forget, getting where I am right now wasn't easy yet I praise myself for being so headstrong. My first choice university was an absolute dream, and I wasn't going to let the fact that i didn't get the grades they wanted, stop me from going. The battle of clearing was conquered as well as my phone interview, and i guaranteed a place on the course - yippee!. Looking back the struggle was worth it, because going to university (so far ha!) has been the best experience of my life! 

>I moved to the bright, vibrant and beautiful city of Nottingham, this was probably the second most out there thing i have done this year as i never really believed it would come around so quickly. There's something so refreshing though, about moving to a new city and not knowing anybody. I like how much freedom as well as responsibility comes with it, and the fact that i have my own space (aka my teeny tiny en suite room). It's also cool having my own little "uni family" and second home away from home. I'm so glad that i decided to move here, the city has such a buzz which i loveee!

>I'm no longer single, weird. But I've never been happier, ever since i met this dude everything just started to fall into place and everyday has just been so great! I'm so lucky that i also get to start 2017, with someone who made 2016 so enjoyable. 

Some other cool stuff happened this year too - ending off sixth form summer ball, first family trip to Spain, leaving home and moving to the vibrant city of Nottingham and meeting new friends etc! 

Happy and extremely optimistic is how I ended the bumpy journey of 2016. Sitting in the front off my boyfriends car with the music on blast, scoffing chicken nuggets and appreciating how far we have both come. I can feel it in my gut that 2017 is going to be amazing, I just know it. 2017 will be loving, and forgiving a year where i'll appreciate the little things in life, a year that i'll focus on myself & my goals, and a year where i'll create endless memories. A year of growing. 2016, you've been great. 2017 I'm ready for ya!

Not to forget a cheeky little list of *realistic* new year resolutions
>gym 2/3 times a week // workout class every week
> water, water, water
>save more money
>actually blog & instagram more
>take even more photographs (yes even more!)
>get more work experience | internships etc
>say YES to more opportunities
>stay fly, confident and happyyy, just do you ;) 

- Chrissy x 

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