goodbye 2016.

Scared yet optimistic is how I started 2016. I didn't really know what to expect from this year, but like 2015, and previous new years I wanted to be optimistic. So, like everybody else I gave myself 5 or more new year resolutions that i wanted to accomplish, yet only managed to complete one of the five goals. Disappointing yes, but nothing to cry over.   

In 2016 I...
I got into my dream university. This journey partially was something I'd never forget, getting where I am right now wasn't easy yet I praise myself for being so headstrong. My first choice university was an absolute dream, and I wasn't going to let the fact that i didn't get the grades they wanted, stop me from going. The battle of clearing was conquered as well as my phone interview, and i guaranteed a place on the course - yippee!. Looking back the struggle was worth it, because going to university (so far ha!) has been the best experience of my life!